In our economy are a lot of things to do!

Everbody has a skill, we need them all! As an alternative to the classical labour we would like to propose you the possibility to work self-employed, free and horizontal in collectives, where everybody gets the possibility to have a stable and fair income.
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OCW (Open Coop Work)

OpenCoop Work Areas is a space where all participants of the FairCoop ecosystem may collaborate and build an organized workflow in a decentralized and efficient way. In addition, it includes a method of logging which is divided into tasks among people with the required skills, while distributing a certain value to everyone which contributed. This overall plan is mainly the outcome of the OpenCoop Work Summercamp 2017, where a lot of people from around the world, involved in FairCoop’s ecosystem in various ways, gathered and worked on setting this up and kickstarting the new form of self-organizing the open collaborative work for the glocal FairCoop activities.


With the agent app, people and collectives will be able in the future to summarizes their individual accounts, work, memberships, etc. from different platforms simply at just one place – the agent app. All economic relations and data will be visible and managable from there.