We need your help!

Cooperatives life from and for their members. It is same with FairCoop. To create a strong network and support globally but also here localy in the area of las Alpujarras we need your support.


If you like our project for a cooperative economy, you have different ways to support us:

Buy our Products::

Our offer share the way how we would like to bring a cooperative economy to you. A need orientated and participative economy, where the daily satisfaction of the need is the beginning of all organization. The products/services we offer are cooperative, organic, non profit and in the aim to grow common wealth and economic stuctures, which are based on equality, sustainability and freedom.
With every cent you spend for our products and you don’t spend in one of this big company, you support local development instead of exploitation and competition in the world.

Produce something/Offer a service:

Join the local node:

Local nodes (LN) are the local grassroots base of FairCoop, they offer the link between the local projects, initiatives, individuals or collectives to the global Faircoop community. Therefore a local node can be seen as a connector team which shares the information bidirectionally (local-global-local).
Join our group to promote FairCoop and to create a common economy with all interested.

visit us in our telegram group Alpujarra



In order to deposit EUR into our BotC account you must send a bank transfer to one of the following account's details:

BENEFICIARY: Xarxa Autogestió Social SCCL

IBAN:: ES43 1491 0001 2420 8685 5729


BANK:: Triodos Bank (Spain)

REFERENCE:: deposit 2FY63


* ENSURE the reference MATCHES EXACTLY with the given above, otherwise you will need to contact us to make it manually - which will take more time.


* The trasfer can take up to two-three working days to appear in your wallet (from the moment the transfer was done).